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Contact Information


President: George Waldron
"[email protected]"        Phone - 203-281-1742

Vice President: Vincent McMahon
"[email protected]"        Phone - 203-795-6309

Secretary: Patricia Heslin
"[email protected]"        Phone -203-248-6050

Treasurer: Mary McMahon
"[email protected]"        Phone - 203-795-6309

Membership Chairperson: Joan Murphy
"[email protected]"        Phone - 203-314-6352

Shanachie Editor: Neil Hogan
"[email protected]"        Phone - 203-269-9154

Mailing Address     /    Email Address

Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society
P.O. Box 185833
Hamden, Connecticut 06518

[email protected]          "Email Address"


The Ethnic Heritage Center
270 Fitch St.
New Haven, CT. 06515

Phone: CTIAHS(203)392-6435      EHC Office(203)392-6126)       Fax: (203)392-5140

Webmaster: Finbarr Moynihan
"Email Address"

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