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About Our Library....

We maintain archival collections and a library of books about Irish history, culture and genealogy at the Ethnic Heritage Center at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT. The library contains many aids for historical and genealogical research, such as a set of old New Haven city directories, New Haven school records, personal interest collections and family histories that have been donated to us by Irish people throughout Connecticut.

We have the following book available for purchase through our library

To print an Order Form, please click the link at the bottom.

Order Form for the 'Ethnic Heritage Center Cookbook"

Ethnic Heritage Center Cookbook

                                        Connecticut Irish American Historical Society

                                        Library Materials Arranged by Author’s Name

NOTE: CTIAHS books and materials DO NOT CIRCULATE and cannot be checked out for off-site use. They are reference materials that may be consulted at our library/archive at the Ethnic Heritage Center, 270 Fitch Street New Haven (on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University) on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to noon or by appointment. 203-392-6126.

                                                           (As of - 1/14/2016)

Page 1
1. AAA, AAA World Traveler Ireland, 1996
2. Adams, Gerry. A Farther Shore
3. Adams, Hazard. Lady Gregory
4. Ahern, James F. Police In Trouble: Our Frightening Crisis In Law Enforcement
5. Aid, Irish Northern. A Decade of Deceit
6. Allan, Morton. Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals
7. Allert, Kathy. Irish Girl and Boy Paper Dolls
8. Alvarez, A. Samuel Beckett
9. American Committee For Irish Studies. A Guide To Irish Studies In The United States 1982
10. American Irish Historical Society. The Recorder Volume 34 1973; Vol. 40 1979, Vol. 42 1981
11. American Irish Historical Society. The Recorder The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Vol. 8 No. 2 Fall 1995; Vol. 11 No. 1 Spring 1998; Vol. 13 No. 1 Spring 2000; Vol. 14 No. 1 Summer 2001
12. AnCaighdean Oifigiuil. Gramadach Na Gaeilge Agus Litriu Na Gaeilge
13. Anderson, Garrett. Brennan's Book
14. An Irish House Wife. I’m Not Afraid to Die
15. Anson, Robert Sam A Biography McGovern
16. Appletree Press. A Little Book of Irish Verse
17. Archibald, Douglas N. John Butler Yeats
18. Archive, Family Family Archives
19. Arensberg, Conrad. The Irish Countryman
20. Armstrong, Jennifer. Patrick Doyle Is Full Of Blarney

                                                                   Page 2
21. Army And Navy Publishing Company. National Guard, Naval Militia And Governor's Guard Of The State Of Connecticut 1939
22. Arnold, Bruce. A Concise History of Irish Art
23. Arnold, Bruce. Irish Art
24. Asher, Robert Editor. Connecticut History Vol. 40 No. 2 Fall 2001
25. Ashraf, Mary. Political Verse and Song From Britain and Ireland
26. Atkinson, Brooks (editor). The Sean O’Casey Reader
27. Auden, Witt. Selected Poems of Louis MacNiece
28. Ayearst, Morley. The Republic of Ireland
29. Ayling, Ronald. Sean O’Casey
30. Baedeker. Guide to Ireland
31. Bailey, Karen. Irish Proverbs
32. Bain, Iain. Celtic Key Patterns
33. Bair, Deidre. Samuel Beckett
34. Baireid, M. Gearoid & O’Murchadha, Liam. The Irish Question
35. Barlow, Jane. Strangers At Lisconnel
36. Barnet, Sylvan, Berman, Morton & Burto, William. The Genius of the Irish Theater
37. Barry, Michael. The Romance Of Sarah Curran
38. Barry, Tom. Guerilla Days in Ireland
39. Barth, Edna. Shamrocks, Harps, And Shillelaghs
40. Bartlett, C. J. Castlereagh
41. Baxter, Angus. In Search of Your European Roots
42. Beare, Beryl. Ireland Myths And Legends
43. Beatty, Eric. Bottle Watching In Brooklyn
44. Beckett, J. C. A Short History of Ireland
45. Beckett, J.C. The Making Of A Modern Ireland 1603-1923
46. Beckett, Samuel. Collected Poems in English and French
47. Beckett, Samuel. Happy Days
48. Beckett, Samuel. How It Is
49. Beckett, Samuel. Knapp’s Last Tape
50. Beckett, Samuel. Poems in English

                                                                      Page 3
51. Beckett, Samuel. Three Novels by Samuel Beckett
52. Beckett, Samuel. Waiting for Godot
53. Beer, Samuel H. British Politics in the Collective Age
54. Begley, Donald F. Handbook On Irish Genealogy
55. Begley, Monie. Rambles In Ireland & A County By County Guide For Discriminating Travelers
56. Begnal, Michael H. Joseph Sheridan Lefanu
57. Behan, Beatrice. My Life With Brendan
58. Behan, Brendan. After the Wake
59. Behan, Brendan. Borstal Boy
60. Behan, Brendan. Brendan Behan's Island
61. Behan, Brendan. Confessions Of An Irish Rebel
62. Behan, Brendan. Hold Your Hour And Have Another
63. Behan, Brendan. Richard’s Cork Leg
64. Behan, Brendan. The Complete Plays
65. Behan, Brendan. The Quare Fellow and the Hostage
66. Behan, Brendan. The Scarperer
67. Behan, Dominic. My Brother Brendan
68. Bell, Archie. The Spell of Ireland
69. Bell, J. Boyer. The Secret Army of the IRA 1916-1970
70. Belloc, Hillaire. Cromwell
71. Bence-Jones, Mark. The Remarkable Irish
72. Benjamin, Roy. Ireland A Celebration in Verse
73. Bennett, Richard. The Black And Tans
74. Benns, F. Lee. Europe Since 1914 In Its World Setting
75. Benstock, Bernard. Sean O’Casey
76. Bently, Elizabeth Petty. The Genealogist's Address Book
77. Bergin, Osborn. Irish Bardic Poetry
78. Berleth, Richard. The Twilight Lords An Irish Chronicle
79. Bernen, Robert. The Hill: More Tales From the Blue Stacks
80. Berry, James. Tales of Old Ireland

                                                                      Page 4
81. Best, Herbert. Watergate: A Story of the Irish on the Erie Canal
82. Bestic, Alan. The Importance Of Being Irish
83. Betis, Kyle J. and Radford, Dwight A. Ireland
84. Binchy, Maeve. The Lilac Bus
85. Binchy, Maeve. This Year It Will Be Different
86. Birmingham, Stephen. Real Lace: America's Irish Rich
87. Birnbaum, Stephen & Birnbaum, Alexandra Mayes. Birnbaum's Ireland 1989 and 1990
88. Bishop, Patrick. The Irish Empire
89. Bissell, Richard. Say Darling
90. Black, Adam and Charles. Black’s Guide to Ireland
91. Black, J. Anderson. Your Irish Ancestors
92. Black, Stephen A., Brietzke, Zander, Bryer, Jackson R. and Garvey, Sheila Hickey, Editors. Jason Robards Remembered
93. Blake, Carla. The Irish Cookbook
94. Blamires, Steven. Magic of the Celtic Otherworlds
95. Blanshard, Paul. The Irish And Catholic Power
96. Blazek, Sarah Kirwan. An Irish Night Before Christmas
97. Bogan, Samuel D. No Larger Fields
98. Boland, Eavan. The War Horse
99. Bolger, Dermot. The Bright Wave Poetry In Irish Now
100. Boll, Heinrich. Irish Journal
101. Bonwick, James. Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions
102. Book Three, Ireland the Songs, Walton Mfg. Ltd.
103. Boston Pilot, The. Search For Missing Friends
104. Bottigheimer, Karl S. Ireland And The Irish
105. Boullier, Dianna. Exploring Irish Music And Dance
106. Bourniquel, Camille & Fisher, John. Ireland
107. Bowen, B. B. Blind Man’s Offering
108. Bowen, Elizabeth. Bowen’s Court
109. Bowen, Elizabeth. The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen
110. Bowen, Elizabeth. The Shelbourne Hotel

                                                                     Page 5
111. Bowen, Zack. Irish Renaissance Annual
112. Bowen, Zack. Mary Lavin
113. Bowles, Chester. Promises to Keep: My Years in Public Life 1941-1969
114. Boyd, Andrew. Holy War In Belfast
115. Boyer, Carl. Six Passenger Lists New York And New Jersey (1600-1825)
116. Boyle, Patrick. At Night All Cats Are Gray
117. Boyle, Patrick. The Port Wine Stain
118. Bradley, Ann Kathleen. History Of The Irish In America
119. Bradley, Anthony. Contemporary Irish Poetry An Anthology
120. Bradley, John. Geraldine Tralee
121. Branden, D. O'Kelly. Heart-Tones And Other Poems
122. Brander, Bruce; Harvel, Mary Ann; & Hothouse. Australia
123. Breathnach, Breandan. Folk Music And Dances Of Ireland
124. Breen, Dan. My Fight For Irish Freedom
125. Breen, George. An Immigrants Shenanigans
126. Breslin, Jimmy & Schaap, Dick. .44
127. Breslin, Jimmy. How The Good Guys Finally Won
128. Breslin, Jimmy. The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
129. Breslin, Jimmy. The World According To Breslin
130. Breslin, Jimmy. The World of Jimmy Breslin
131. Breslin, Jimmy. World Without End, Amen
132. Briscoe, Robert. For The Life Of Me
133. Broderick, John. An Apology for Roses
134. Broderick, John. The Fugitives
135. Broderick, John. The Pride of Summer
136. Brody, Hugh. Inishkillane
137. Brown, Chris. The Story of Chris Brown
138. Brown, Christy. A Shadow on Summer
139. Brown, Christy. Background Music
140. Brown, Christy. Down All the Days
141. Brown, Christy. My Left Foot

                                                                     Page 6
142. Brown, G. E. Literary Critiques: George Bernard Shaw
143. Brown, Malcolm. I Am of Ireland
144. Brown, Malcolm. Sir Samuel Ferguson
145. Brown, Malcolm. The Politics Of Irish Literature
146. Brown, Terence. Ireland: A Social and Cultural History 1922-79
147. Bruzzone, Catherine & Church, Caroline. My First Family Tree Book
148. Bryan, Walter. The Improbable Irish
149. Bryant, Beth. The 1969-70 Edition Of Ireland On $5 A Day
150. Bryant, Beth & Poole, Susan. Frommer's 1981-82 Guide To Dublin And Ireland
151. Buckley, William F. Jr. Four Reforms
152. Budgen, Frank. James Joyce and the Making of Ulysses
153. Bulfin, William. Rambles In Eirinn
154. Bullock, L. G. Historical Map of Ireland
155. Butler, Anthony. The Book Of Blarney
156. Buttel, Robert. Seamus Heaney
157. Byrd, Elizabeth. The Famished Land
158. Byrne, Donn. Hangman’s House
159. Byrne, Donn. The Hound of Ireland and Other Stories
160. Byrne, Patrick F. Witchcraft In Ireland
161. Byrne, Robert. The Tunnel
162. Byrnes, James F. Speaking Frankly
163. Cahalan, James M. Great Hatred and Little Room
164. Cahill, Robert Ellis. The Old Irish of New England
165. Cahill Susan & Cahill, Thomas. A Literary Guide to Ireland
166. Cahill, Thomas. How The Irish Saved Civilization
167. Callahan, Bob. The Big Book Of American Irish Culture
168. Callan, Luke B. Ireland After Forty Years
169. Campbell, Oscar. Chief Plays of Goldsmith and Sheridan
170. Campbell, Patrick. Death In Templecrone
171. Campbell, Patrick. Memories Of Dongloe
172. Campbell, Stephen J. The Great Irish Famine

                                                                    Page 7
173. Campbell, Thomas. Poetical Works
174. Canainn, Tomas. Traditional Music In Ireland
175. Canby, Henry Seidel. Connecticut Yankee
176. Canny, Nicholas. The Elizabethan Conquest Of Ireland A Pattern Established 1565-1576
177. Cardozo, Nancy. Lucky Eyes And A High Heart The Life Of Maud Gonne
178. Carey, John. Songs of Ireland/Gem Selection
179. Carleton, William. Denis O’Shaughnessy
180. Carleton, William. Irish Tales
181. Carleton, William. Phelin O’Toole’s Courtship
182. Carleton, William. The Black Prophet
183. Carleton, William. The Party Fight and Funeral
184. Carleton, William. Wildgoose Lodge
185. Carmichael, Alexander. Celtic Prayers
186. Carola, Leslie Conron. The Irish
187. Carr-Gomm, Philip. The Elements of Druid Tradition
188. Carroll, James. Family Trade
189. Carroll, James. Mortal Friends
190. Carroll, James. Prince Of Peace
191. Carroll, James. Supply of Heroes
192. Carroll, Paul Vincent. Irish Stories and Plays
193. Carroll, Yvonne. Irish Legends For Children
194. Carson, Ciaran. The New Estate
195. Carty, Xavier. In Bloody Protest
196. Casey, Daniel J. Benedict Kiely
197. Casey, Donal and Byrne, Gerard. Freedom Struggle by the Provisional IRA
198. Cassidy, Daniel. How the Irish Invented Slang
199. Catholic Bible Association Of America, New Testament
200. Caulfield, Max. The Easter Rebellion
201. Caulfield, Max. The Irish Mystique
202. Cerny, Johni & Elliot, Wendy. Library Guide To LDS Family History Library

                                                                      Page 8
203. Chauvire, Roger. A Short History of Ireland
204. Childs, Maryanna. The Sounds Of Ireland
205. Chorzempa, Rosemary A. My Family Tree Workbook
206. Christian Brothers. Aids to Irish Composition
207. Christian Brothers. The, New Irish Grammar
208. Church & State In Northern Ireland. The Bitter Harvest
209. Church of St. Peter and Paul-Clarecastle
210. Cixous, Helene. The Exile Of James Joyce
211. Clancy, Ambrose. Blind Pilot
212. Clarke, Aidan. The Old English in Ireland
213. Clarke, Austin. Old Fashioned Pilgrimages
214. Clarke, Austin. Poetry In Modern Ireland
215. Clarke, Desmond. Dublin
216. Clarke, R. F., S. J. My Visit to Distressed Ireland
217. Clarke, Thomas J. & O’Hegarty, P. S. (Contributor). Glimpses of an Irish Felon’s Prison Life
218. Climo, Shirley. The Irish Cinderlad
219. Clissman, Anne. Flann O’Brien A Critical Introduction to His Writings
220. Cockell, Jenny. Across Time And Death
221. Coffey, Thomas M. Agony At Easter
222. Coghill, Nevill. Visions From Piers Plowman
223. Coghlan, Peg. Irish Saints
224. Coghlan, Ronan. Irish First Names
225. Cohane, John Philip. The Indestructible Irish
226. Cohn, Ruby. Samuel Beckett The Comic Gamut
227. Colaianni, James F. Married Priests And Married Nuns
228. Cole, Rosalind. Of Soda Bread And Guinness
229. Cole, William. Poems From Ireland
230. Coleman, Terry. Going To America, 1987
231. Colletta, John P. They Came In Ships
232. Collins, Michael. The Path Of Freedom

                                                                     Page 9
233. Collins, Tom. The Centre Cannot Hold
234. Colton, John. Colton's Original Poetical Works
235. Colum, Mary. Life and Dream
236. Colum, Padraic. A Treasury Of Irish Folkore
237. Colum, Padraic. An Anthology of Irish Verse
238. Colum, Padraic. The Collected Poems of Padraic Colum
239. Colum, Padraic. The Flying Swans
240. Colum, Padraic. The Road Round Ireland
241. Comerford, Anthony. The Easter Rising Dublin 1916
242. Condon, Edward O'Meagher. The Irish Race In America
243. Connecticut Irish American Historical Society. Newsletter, The Shanachie (also available on-line at DigitalCommons@SHU
244. Connecticut, State Of. Connecticut State Register And Manual
245. Connecticut, State Of. Department of Education. The Irish: The Great Hunger And Irish Immigration To America: Teacher Resource Guide
246. Connecticut, State Of. The Greater New Haven Directory, 1 & 2
247. Connery, Donald S. The Irish
248. Connolly, Robert Emmet. The Connolly Report
249. Considine, Bob. It’s The Irish
250. Conway, Pat. Pat Conway Presents Soodlum's Selection Of Irish Ballads Words, Music & Guitar Chords
251. Coogan, Beatrice. The Big Wind
252. Coogan, Tim Pat. The I.R.A.
253. Coogan, Tim Pat. The Man Who Made Ireland
254. Coogan, Tim Pat. Wherever Green Is Worn
255. Cooke, John, Editor. The Dublin Book of Verse 1728-1909
256. Cooper, Brian E. The Irish American Almanac & Green Pages
257. Core, George. The Sewanee Review
258. Cork, Seamus O’Gallagher McGuire. Irish Erotic Art
259. Corkery, Daniel. The Hidden Ireland
260. Corkery, Daniel. The Wager and Other Stories

Page 10
261. Corry, John. Golden Clan
262. Costigan, Giovanni. A History of Modern Ireland
263. Coughlan, Anthony. Fooled Again? The Anglo-Irish Agreement And After
264. Countryman, Albert J. Jr. and Albert J. Sr. The Streets of Derry
265. County Monaghan 50th Jubilee Committee. Cuimneacan Muineacain 1916-1966
266. Cox, Tom. Damned Englishman
267. Coyne, John. Brothers and Sisters
268. Crawford, Danny. Song And Story
269. Creel, George. Ireland’s Fight For Freedom
270. Cribbs, Janie. An Litir
271. Crocker, Clifton T. and Clifford, Sigerson. Legends of Kerry
272. Crone, Anne. Bridie Steen
273. Cronin, Anthony. The Life Of Riley
274. Cronin, John. Somerville and Ross
275. Cronin, Mike. A History of Ireland
276. Crosbie, Paddy. Your Dinner’s Poured Out
277. Cross, Eric. Silence is Golden and Other Stories
278. Cross, Eric. The Tailor and Ansty
279. Cross, Robert D. Irish American Nationalist
280. Crowley, Rev. T. L., O.P. Beautiful Ireland
281. Cullen, Bill. It's A Long Way From Penny Apples
282. Culligan, Matthew J. & Cherici, Peter. The Wandering Irish In Europe Their Influence From The Dark Ages To Modern Times
283. Cunningham, John B. The Story of Belleek
284. Curran, Bob. A Field Guide to Irish Fairies
285. Curran, Joan Ferris. Family History A Legacy For Your Grandchildren
286. Curran, Joseph M. The Birth of the Irish Free State 1921-1923
287. Curtin, Jeremiah and O’Duilearga, Seamus (Editor). Irish Folk Tales
288. Curtin, Jeremiah. Irish Fairy Tales
289. Curtin, Jeremiah. Myths And Folklore Of Ireland
290. Curtis, Edmund. A History of Ireland
291. Curtis, Edmund and McDowell, R. B. Irish Historical Documents 1172-1922
292. Curtis, Liz. Ireland The Propaganda War The British Media And The Battle For Hearts And Minds
293. Curtis, P.J. Notes from the Heart
294. Cussen, Cliodna. An Bhean Ud Thall
295. Cussen, Cliodna. Gearoid Iarla
296. Cutler, John Henry. Cardinal Cushing Of Boston
297. Dadso, Arthur J. English Misrule In Ireland 1191-1887
298. Daiches, David and Flower, John. Literary Landscapes of the British Isles
299. D'Alton, John. King James's Irish Army List
300. Danaher, Kevin. Folktales Of The Irish Countryside
301. Danaher, Kevin. The Pleasant Land Of Ireland
302. Danaher, Kevin. The Year In Ireland
303. Dangerfield, George. The Damnable Question
304. Dangerfield, George. The Strange Death Of Liberal England 1910-1914
305. Daniel, Clifton. Chronicle Of America
306. D'Arcy, Gordon. The Birds Of Ireland
307. Daughters of Saint Paul, Ireland. In The Foot Steps Of St. Patrick
308. Davies, Derek A.C. Ireland
309. Davies, Stan Gebler. James Joyce A Portrait of the Artist
310. Davis, John Richard. Not Merely Ancestors A Guide For Teaching Genealogy In The Schools
311. Davis, Richard. Arthur Griffith and Non-Violent Sinn Fein
312. Davis-Goff, Annabel. This Cold Country
313. DeAifreann, Aifreann De
314. Deane, John F. Irish Poetry Of Faith And Doubt
315. deBaroid, Ciaran. BallyMurphy and the Irish War
316. DeBhaldraithe, Tomas. English-Irish Dictionary
317. DeBlacam, Aodh. Gaelic Literature Surveyed
318. DeBlacam, Hugh. The Saints of Ireland
319. DeBovet, Madame. Three Months Tour In Ireland

Page 12
320. DeBreffny, Brian. Castles Of Ireland
321. DeBreffny, Brian. The Irish World
322. DeGrazia, Laura Murphy and Haberstroh, Diane Fitzpatrick. Irish Relatives and Friends
323. Delaney, Edward J. and Feehan, John N. The Comic History of Ireland
324. Delaney, Frank. Legends Of The Celts
325. Delaney, Frank. Ireland
326. Delaney, Frank. Tipperary
327. Delaney, Mary Murray. Of Irish Ways
328. Demeter, Richard. Irish America: The Historical Travel Guide Vol. I
329. Demeter, Richard. The Fighting 69th: A History
330. DePaola, Tomie. Jamie O'Rourke And The Big Potato
331. DePaola, Tomie. Patrick Patron Saint Of Ireland
332. DePaor, Liam. Divided Ulster
333. DeRosa, Peter. Rebels: The Irish Of 1916
334. Deutsch, Richard. Mairead Corrigan, Betty Williams
335. Devlin, Bernadette. The Price Of My Soul
336. Devoy, John. Recollections of An Irish Rebel
337. Dezell, Maureen. Irish America Coming Into Clover The Evolution Of A People And A Culture
338. Dillon, Eilis. Wild Geese
339. Dillon, Jana. Lucky O' Leprechaun
340. Dillon, Myles and O’Cronin, Donncha. Teach Yourself Irish
341. Dillon, Myles and Chadwick, Nora K. The Celtic Realms
342. Dillon, Thomas. The Banner
343. Dineen, Rev. Patrick. Irish American Dictionary
344. Diner, Hasia R. Erin's Daughters In America
345. Discovery Toys, My Grandparents’ Reflections
346. Donaldson, Alfred Gaston. Some Comparative Aspects of Irish Law
347. Donleavy, J. P. A Singular Man
348. Donleavy, J. P. The Beastly Beatitudes

Page 13
349. Donleavy, J. P. The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman
350. Donleavy, J.P. The Ginger Man
351. Donoghue, Dennis. We Irish
352. Donnelly, James Jr. The Great Irish Potato Famine
353. Dooley, Thomas A. Deliver Us From Evil
354. Dooley, Thomas A. The Night They Burned Down The Mountain
355. Doran, Sean. The Real Guide: Ireland
356. Downey, Michael. In Praise of the Irish
357. Doyle, David Noel. Ireland, Irishmen And Revolutionary America
358. Doyle, Lynn. The Spirit Of Ireland
359. Doyle, Paul A. Paul Vincent Carroll
360. Doyle, Paul A. Sean O’Faolain
361. Drudy, P. J. Anglo-Irish Study Books I – IV
362. Dubislav, Dr. George and Boek, Paul. Chamber’s Irish History
363. DuBois, Theodora. Shannon Terror
364. Duff, Charles. Ireland And The Irish
365. Duff, Charles. Six Days To Shake An Empire
366. DuMaurier, Angela. The Road to Leenane
367. Dumont, Deborah. Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Irish Dictionary
368. Dunbar, Janet, Mrs. G.B.S., A Portrait
369. Dunleavy, Gareth W. Douglas Hyde
370. Dunnit, S.M.W. Irish Folklore And Legends
371. Dunphy, Eamon. Unforgettable Fire
372. Dunsany, Lord. My Ireland
373. Durcan, Paul. Jesus, Break His Fall
374. Durcan, Paul. Jumping the Train Tracks With Angela
375. Dyson, A.E. Yeats Eliot And R.S. Thomas
376. Eakle, Arlene & Cerny, Johni. The Source A Guidebook Of American Genealogy
377. Earle, Mary C. & Maddox, Sylvia. Praying With The Celtic Saints
378. Eberhart, Richard. A Poet To His Beloved
379. Eckley, Grace. Edna O’Brien

Page 14
380. Eder, Doris L. Three Writers In Exile: Pound, Eliot and Joyce
381. Edgeworth, Maria. Castle Rackrent
382. Edgeworth, Maria. Castle Rackrent and The Absentee
383. Edwards, Owen Dudley and Ransom, Bernard. James Connolly Selected Political Writings
384. Edwards, R. Dudley. Daniel O’Connell and His World
385. Edwards, Ruth Dudley. Patrick Pearse The Triumph of Failure
386. Egan, Desmond. Era (A Literary Magazine)
387. Egan, Maurice Francis and Kennedy, John B. Knights of Columbus in Peace and War Vols. I and II
388. Ehrlich, Blake. London on the Thames
389. Elliot, Marianne. Wolfe Tone
390. Ellis, Eilish. Emigrants From Ireland 1847-1852
391. Ellis, Peter Berresford. A Dictionary Of Celtic Mythology
392. Ellis, Peter Berresford. A Dictionary Of Irish Mythology
393. Ellis, Peter Berresford. The Druids
394. Ellman, Richard. Selected Joyce Letters
395. Emerson, Caroline D. Pioneer Children of America
396. Ennis, John. A Drink of Spring
397. Enright, Sonny. The Rambler From Clare
398. Epstein, E. L. A Starchamber Quiry
399. Erickson, Carolly, Royal Panoply
400. Ervine, St. John. Bernard Shaw, His Life, Work And Friends
401. Esler, L.A. Presidents Of Our United States
402. Evans, E. Estyn. Irish Folkways
403. Evans, Phil and Pollack, Eileen. Ireland for Beginners
404. Evely, Louis. That Man Is You
405. Falley, Margaret Dickson. Irish and Scotch Irish Ancestral Research Vol. I and Vol. II
406. Fallis, Richard. The Irish Renaissance
407. Fallon, Niall. The Armada In Ireland

Page 15
408. Fallon, Peter and Golden, Sean. Soft Day
409. Family Research USA, 1880 U. S. Census and National Index
410. Family Search, 1881 British Census and National Index
411. Family Tree Maker, Family Archives CDs
412. Farrell, M. J. Full House
413. Feachem, R.W. Every Day Life Of The Pagan Celts
414. Feehan, John M. Fifty Years Young, A Tribute to John B. Keane
415. Feeny, John. John Charles McQuaid
416. Fiacc, Padraic. The Wearing of the Black
417. Field, Eugene. A Little Book of Western Verse
418. Figgis, Allen. Encyclopaedia of Ireland 1968
419. Finn, Francis J. On The Run
420. Finneran, Richard J. Anglo-Irish Literature
421. Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Last Tycoon
422. Fitzgerald, Redmond. Cry Blood Cry Erin
423. Fitzgerald, William John. A Contemporary Celtic Prayer Book
424. FitzGerald, William G., Editor. The Voice of Ireland: A Memorial of Freedoms Day
425. Fitzgibbon, Constantine. Drink
426. Fitzgibbon, Constantine. Out of the Lion’s Paw
427. Fitzgibbon, Constantine. Red Hand The Ulster Colony
428. Fitzgibbon, Constantine. The Life and Times of Eamon De Valera
429. FitzGibbon, Theodora. A Taste Of Ireland
430. Flanagan, Thomas. The Tenants Of Time
431. Flannery, John Brendan. The Irish Texans
432. Flood, Jeanne. Brian Moore
433. Flower, Robin. The Irish Tradition
434. Flower, Robin. The Western Island
435. Floyd, Glenn & Shell, Lisa. Ireland: A Cultural Resource Guide
436. Flynn, Arthur. Irish Dance
437. Fodor, Eugene. Fodor's Modern Guides: Britain And Ireland 1960

Page 16
438. Forkner, Ben. Modern Irish Short Stories
439. Forrest, G. A. Constitutional Law
440. Forster, Francis J. Undue Process
441. Foster, R.F. The Oxford Illustrated History Of Ireland
442. Fowler, Gene. The Life And Times Of Jimmy Walker Beau James
443. Fowles, John. The Magus
444. Francis, Paul. To The Land Where The Sun Might Never Set
445. Frankenberg, Lloyd. A James Stephens Reader
446. Freehan, John M. The Shooting of Michael Collins Murder or Accident
447. Freeman, Douglas Southall. Lee's Lieutenants A Study In Command
448. French, Percy. Best Irish Songs
449. Freyer, Grattan. Peadar O’Donnell
450. Friel, Brian. Chrystal and Fox and the Mundy Scheme
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